Indirect Yajilin Description

Indirect Yajilin is a variation of Yajilin. Numbers no longer appear with arrows and possibly with background icons. A number alone is the same as a normal Yajilin clue with the arrow invisible, so one (or more) of the four directions has that number of black squares. A number with a plus sign and a gray background is equal to the total amount of black squares in that row and column. A number with an X and a red background means that in none of the four directions are there that amount of black squares. (As an exception, if any type of number is on the edge, the directions with no squares don’t count, so a 0 with an X is still allowed on the edges, and the phantom arrow on a 0 alone does not point at the edge.) The black squares and drawn loop behave as they do in Yajilin.

Below is an example puzzle and its only solution.

Example problem Example solution

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