Akari EX Description

Akari EX is a variation of Akari. Clue numbers now appear in colors. Yellow numbers are the same as in standard Akari; they tell how many lightbulbs are in the surrounding squares. Green numbers tell how many edges of the square are directly illuminated by lightbulbs. (By edges I am not referring to the adjacent squares but the walls. So for instance the left edge of a green number can only be illuminated by horizontally traveling light.) Additionally, there may be triangular black cells. Like walls, lightbulbs cannot be placed here and they do not need to be illuminated. However, they function as mirrors. Light from any lightbulb will reflect off of it and still satisfy the same rules, such as the fact that no two lightbulbs may illuminate each other. (A lightbulb may not illuminate itself either.)

Below is an example puzzle and its only solution.

Example problem Example solution

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