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Detailed USPC Post-Mortem

August 31, 2011

Full 2011 USPC results are now out. As could have been predicted a couple days after the test, I ranked first (415) with Thomas Snyder in second (349). Congratulations also to William Blatt, who made the team with 309 and 3rd, and Dan Katz, who just barely missed the team for the Nth year with 305 and 4th.

Now, what is the rest of this monster post for?


2011 USPC Update

August 28, 2011

First, as planned, Puzzle 350 will be posted tonight, and it won’t be a marathon. I had to replace a hard drive today, but I’m pretty much back up and running. I had advance notice of the hard drive failing, so I had time to do backups, but I actually didn’t need that time since I’ve been doing them pretty often anyway.

As many of you know, the 2011 USPC happened last Saturday. So far the most I’ve said about my performance was in a comment on motris’s own recap post. I believed I had everything done 7 minutes and 52 seconds early, and that I’d be offline for a day or so to catch up on things. It’s been about a day since; here is an update.

Further update on 8/29/2011 2:13 PM: Confirmed score of 414.67.