Statue Park Description

Statue Park is a puzzle original to this blog to the best of my knowledge.* A bank of shapes is given to the right of the grid, usually with each shape labeled for your convenience. The object is to place each of the shapes exactly once into the grid, rotations and reflections allowed. No two shapes can overlap or be orthogonally adjacent, and all of the space not occupied by shapes must be connected. Black circles in the grid represent spaces that must be contained in one of the shapes, and white circles represent spaces that may not be contained in a shape.

Below is an example puzzle and its only solution.

Example problem Example solution

* Actually, all I really mean by this is that I came up with the type independently and haven’t seen it used elsewhere. I’d be very surprised if this is the first time this type has been done.

Additional features:

  • For puzzles where the shapes in the bank are labeled, some black circles might also be labeled. The shape containing a labeled black circle must have a matching label. (Note that if no black circles are labeled, then for the purposes of solving the labels in the shape bank may be ignored.)

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