Heyawacky Description

Heyawacky is a minor variation of the puzzle Heyawake originally from nikoli. The variation has been done before by motris, and the name “heyawacky” is also his idea although he didn’t use it. The object is to shade in some of the grid squares. No two shaded squares should be adjacent, and all of the unshaded squares should be in one contiguous region – equivalently, any two unshaded squares should have a path joining them through adjacent unshaded squares. The grid is also partitioned into a number of rooms. Any room with a number must have exactly that many shaded squares. Finally, there is the “two boundaries” rule. There may never be a horizontal or vertical line of unshaded cells that crosses two room boundaries. This rule applies even if the line exits and reenters a room.

Below is an example puzzle and its only solution.

Example problem Example solution

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