Puzzle 156 (Right Face)

This is a Saturday Right Face puzzle.

Puzzle 156

Puzzle 156

First I don’t tell you which arrow to start with (see the bottom of the now-updated description page), and then I give you only 12 clues. How cruel of me.


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5 Responses to “Puzzle 156 (Right Face)”

  1. thesubro Says:

    Missing a red arrow – II think I know which one but I figure this was an oversight.

  2. TheSubro Says:

    Great Saturday challenge. Its amazing how much is controlled and directed by the simple -> o <- configuration.



    • yy Says:

      Actually, once you find the mentioned insight it becomes very easy…

      • MellowMelon Says:

        Well, from the standpoint of solving with pure logic I disagree. It’s tough to determine whether the middle space in the theme pattern is a wall or a path straight through in some cases, and the bottom right requires some tricky reasoning. Although I suppose if you work with a bit of intuition it can go pretty quick.

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