Puzzle 392 (Masyu) [Yajilin]

This is a Masyu puzzle, with a twist. Two squares that are unused by the loop may not be adjacent (this is a rule borrowed from Yajilin).

Puzzle 392

Puzzle 392

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3 Responses to “Puzzle 392 (Masyu) [Yajilin]”

  1. Giovanni P. Says:

    Hmm, a Masyu/Yajilin combination that combines the rules rather than the clue types into one grid…interesting take on the combination.

    Granted, the puzzle wasn’t very hard for me, but it flowed quite nicely. I liked how the “white pearls+yajilin rule” combination drove the path in several places, along with how some of the empty portions of the grid were filled. I wonder how this would work with a larger grid size…

  2. Prasanna Seshadri Says:

    Nice way to combine the two types. I too liked the way the white pearls drove it with the added restriction.

  3. James McGowan Says:

    I enjoyed this twist on the Masyu rules, I find normal Masyus don’t have a large variety of logic to think about as they get solved.

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