WPC 2014: Day 2 Morning

I might not get to all the rounds in this post; the afternoon rounds start very shortly and I wouldn’t want to be late. But I’ll at least get a scoreboard up.

(Rank. Name; Country; Total; R3; R4; R5)

1. Ulrich Voigt; Germany; 4850; 1935; 800; 690

2. Hideaki Jo; Japan; 4510; 750; 400

3. Bram de Laat; Netherlands; 4295; 1950; 670; 280

4. Ken Endo; Japan; 4265; 1890; 650; 310

5. Florian Kirch; Germany; 4255; 1815; 640; 420

6. Nikola Zivanovic; Serbia; 4155; 1875; 830; 320

7. Palmer Mebane; USA; 4116; 1966; 620; 430

8. Qiu Yanzhe; China; 3970; 1740; 650; 420

9. Jan Novotny; Czech Republic; 3965; 1830; 650; 400

U. Michael Ley; Germany B (unofficial); 3935; 1560; 650; 400

10. Kota Morinshi; 3930; 1730; 820; 400

This isn’t the first time I’ve put Michael Ley on one of these as an unofficial participant. Looks like the WPC treats him better than the German qualifiers do.

I am positively surprised that I made up this much ground. It seems as though round 5 was very hard for a lot of people, so my 430 was an unexpectedly good score. (Even though there’s a 70 point error there; when you resolve a CE pair, don’t write two Cs Palmer!)

Alright, now let’s go over the day 2 morning rounds quickly.

Round 8 was English Country Garden, with a variety of plant-themed puzzles and types. Something like a cipher Nurikabe with plant symbols, a cipher Shikaku with plant symbols, some snails and cobwebs… I had a pretty good run here with a lot of lucky guessing on the snails, which were my weak types. If everything is clean, I should have 840 out of 900, with only one of the Shikaku variants missing.

Round 9 was Loop the Loop. Oof. Lots of people finished this one. I broke puzzles as many times as there are puzzles in the round and had to do a lot of repairing, tweaking, and starting over. I still managed to finish with a bit of time since loops are my strong point, but I expect to lose ground on this one. That’s a third round that should have been strong for me that I wasted.

Round 10 was the dreaded 200 Club, with ten 200-point puzzles. Turns out it was 10 overvalued puzzles. Not that the puzzles were easy, but I don’t think any of them were 200 points. Whether I did well on this round is going to come down to mistakes. I finished with 9-10 minutes and spent 5 checking everything twice, then turned in with 4 minutes left on the clock. Of course, knowing me, that means I’m bound for an 1800 or worse on this one. I’ll just have to pray.

And that was the end of the morning, so we’ll close the post there.


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