USPC 2013 Previews

Here’s instances of 13 (Looper) and 14 (Tight-Fit TomTom). I suspect the Looper here is easier than 20 points, and the TomTom is probably about the right level. I confess I didn’t check these extremely thoroughly since I’m moving on to working on other types.

I made two attempts to construct Bombardoku, and both broke at the end. So I guess I’m the only that got practice out of that. Sorry.

Looper: Draw a single closed loop connecting all of the blank squares horizontally or vertically. Each number in the grid indicates the number of right-angle turns in its neighboring squares (including diagonally).

USPC 2013 Practice: Looper

USPC 2013 Practice: Looper

Tight-fit TomTom: Place the digits 1 through 8 into the empty squares (one per full square, two per split shaded square) so that each digit appears exactly once in each of the six rows and six columns. Digits can repeat within an outlined region. Additionally, for each outlined region, the given number is the result of the given operator applied successively to all values in the region, starting with the largest value for subtraction and division. Squares containing a slash (shaded instead in the preview puzzle below) will have the corresponding fractional value.

USPC 2013 Practice: Tight-fit TomTom

USPC 2013 Practice: Tight-fit TomTom

5 Responses to “USPC 2013 Previews”

  1. chaotic_iak Says:

    Is there a restriction that the smaller number must be above the larger number in a split square like in regular TomTom?

    • MellowMelon Says:

      You mean like in regular Tight-fit I assume. No such restriction. Those numbers represent fractional values, so it matters which order they go in. You don’t need a rule like that to remove ambiguity.

  2. mathgrant Says:

    Holy crap, that Tight Fit TomTom is amazing. The break-ins were hard to find, but they satisfied my mathematical penchant very much.

  3. Jonah Says:

    I’m in love with this TomTom variant. I don’t really like the pressure of competitions, but I registered for the USPC anyway so I could try out another one of these.

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