24 Hour Puzzle Championship USA Round

At the same time I was trying to get FF2 ready, I was working with Thomas Snyder and Wei-Hwa Huang to bring a “Team USA” round to the 24 hour puzzle championship that takes place in Hungary each year. The complete instruction booklet is here if you want to see what our whole round looked like, or if you want to see others’ round formats.

As the one on the coauthor team with the most time on my hands, I ended up writing most of the puzzles for our round. Specifically, 15 of the 24. Below is a PDF containing those 15. I’ll let the other coauthors release their work on their own terms.
Download PDF (409 KB)
Two of the puzzles were tweaked from their original versions to be easier, specifically 3C and 8B. Both versions are included in here, with the harder version on the following page.

FF2 pack still in progress. Coincidentally I was aiming for a release today, so this might be your lucky day in terms of getting puzzles from me.


4 Responses to “24 Hour Puzzle Championship USA Round”

  1. Thomas Snyder Says:

    Really great puzzles from Palmer here, as I’m sure after you solve them you will all know. Mine won’t come out in the same kind of lump package, but you’ll see them over the next several weeks in the usual place.

  2. Zoltan Nemeth Says:

    Even though this set saw the smallest winning score among all sets at 590, reception was pretty good overall. Will send some details over email, thanks for contributing again.

  3. Hagriddler Says:

    I must be doing sth wrong but I’ve found a couple solutions for the 1B Tapa in the bottom left corner…

  4. Locomotivist Says:

    As someone who is comfortable solving both hard nurikabe and tapa puzzles, I have never really understood why tapas are usually regarded as more challenging (as the points given in this set indicate) than nurikabes. At least that is the perception I get at various puzzle sites (including this one and motris’s)

    For me, nurikabes with their more “global-” level possibilities seem to be more challenging.

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