Puzzle 415 (Fillomino) [Liar]

This is a Liar Fillomino puzzle. In addition to the usual rules, exactly one given number in each row and column is false.

Puzzle 415

Puzzle 415

Part 4 of 4 in my half of the preview series for Fillomino-Fillia 2. See mathgrant’s blog for the other half.

Answer Entry: Enter the units digits (last digit) of the number in each circled cell starting with the leftmost column and going right.

Highlight to see answer: 13174993

The test will be available to play on LMI pretty soon. Please give it a go this weekend if you can find the time, and good luck if you do!

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10 Responses to “Puzzle 415 (Fillomino) [Liar]”

  1. chaotic_iak Says:

    Satisfying solve.

    I just noticed that you posted the preview puzzles in roughly the order they will appear in the test, save for Snake being earlier than Sum. The big-pointers will be my weak points since now I still haven’t managed to solve the Skyscrapers preview 😦 Let’s see…

    • MellowMelon Says:

      The big pointers are big pointers for a reason, of course.

      Snake being earlier than Sum was due to mathgrant and I not quite alternating who made which preview, but yes, going in order was intentional.

      • chaotic_iak Says:

        Okay that sounds stupid. I mean I think my point/minute score for the big-pointers will be lower than for the small-pointers.

        Also finally solved all previews. Made a mental checklist of avoiding certain stupid errors appearing when solving the previews, and also to use the solving instruments more effectively (shading a liar gray in MS Paint for Liar and using MS Excel for Skyscrapers, among other things). Yay.

  2. ksun48 Says:

    Great puzzle as always. Liar Slitherlink was great; I hope this will add a different perspective to the type.

    @chaotic_iak: You solve in Paint? That seems really inefficient, and I hope during the actual test you don’t do that :). I stopped that after trying to solve mathgrant’s large puzzles or MellowMelon’s harder Fillomino in Paint. The only types I would see feasible in paint are things like Tapa, Nurikabe, etc. Even Corral is pretty cumbersome.

    • chaotic_iak Says:

      I solve most in Paint. Yes, ineffective, but when not being pressured by time it’s okay. In the test I’ll solve most in Paint or Excel; only when I need I copy the puzzle to my puzzle notebook.

      Yes no printing. If I go to print them first I’d lose 10-15 minutes. Screw my printer being unable to connect with my laptop that I use for internet etc.

  3. Bryce Herdt Says:

    I’m taking too long to ask this, but did I inspire you to put this variation in? ‘Cause… well, cyrebjr.livejournal.com/34526.html

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