Fillomino-fillia 2

After almost a year and a half, I’m finally (co)writing another LMI test. Fillomino-Fillia 2 will be held at Logic Masters India on the weekend of October 27th. This is a sequel to last year’s Fillomino-fillia test, which was a set of Fillomino and variations that I cowrote with mathgrant. This year, mathgrant and I are bringing you even more Fillomino puzzles.

The format is similar to last year: 4 classic puzzles, 6 new variations with 2 puzzles apiece, and a “Best of Fillomino-fillia 1” section with 2 puzzles, representing 2 variations from last year’s test. As always with LMI tests, you can begin the test at any time between (on a US time zone) late Friday and late Monday, and once you start you’ll have 2 hours to solve as many of the 18 puzzles as you can.

Like last year, mathgrant and I will each post a four puzzle preview series, which will allow you to get familiar with the new variations on this year’s test. Each of us will be posting one per day over this week, with the last going up shortly before the test can be begun.

The delays in getting this test finished and scheduled at LMI are the reason for there being no pack release for so long. I had intended a post-mortem booklet with commentary, rejects, and plenty of extras to be puzzle pack volume 4 since forever ago, but we kept having to push the date of this test back. Anyways, that pack will probably be released within a week of the test being over. Volume 5 may have to wait until after Mystery Hunt is done; we’ll see.


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