Puzzle 411 (Numberlink)

This is a Numberlink puzzle.

Puzzle 411

Puzzle 411

It seems I may end up returning to weekly posts after all. You’ll just have to forgive me for the fact that many of them will be rejects from other projects (which are not named Mystery Hunt).

WordPress continues to give ugly thumbnails. Above I’ve employed the best solution I found, which is to upload a manually-scaled thumbnail to show up on the post. Clicking the image will still get you the full-size version. Pain in the butt for me though.


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2 Responses to “Puzzle 411 (Numberlink)”

  1. macherlakumar Says:

    Yay! completed under 1 min, I think the puzzle itself is easy level.


  2. Ken Levine Says:

    Nice to have you back!
    Congrats on solid performance at the WPC.
    Look forward to more of your great puzzles.

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