WPC 2012 Update 4

Day 2 morning, which had 3 individual rounds, is now over.

Round 7 was Lines and Arrows, which like 5 (black and white) also should have played to my strengths. I think I did about as well as I could have. I got everything except for Pointing at the Treasure and the harder Barriers, both of which I believe I’d stand little chance on. The lucky break of this round was starting the easier Barriers with one minute left and getting it out on intuition 30 seconds later, giving me enough time to check it.

Round 8 was Assorted Puzzles. This one turned out to be tough. A lot of puzzles seemed to be far harder and/or longer than their point value suggested. From my conversations with others I think everyone struggled with this round, and I’ll be satisfied with my score being just over half. But there was certainly room to do better.

Round 9 was Skyscrapers, with a bunch of crazy variations. Generally, when a 6 by 6 Skyscrapers puzzle gives you all 24 clues, it’s not going to be hard. Here, we got seven 6 by 6 Skyscrapers with all 24 clues, and pretty much all of them were tricky. They were also fairly elegant, which cannot be said of all the puzzles we’ve been seeing. The highest valued puzzle, a chaotic variation where the numbers 1-7 had to be placed with one missing in each row and column, was the only one I missed. I only barely got out a similarly high-valued puzzle, New York, the same variation except one space in the grid had to be left empty, so I was fairly happy with how I did. No one finished the round, desipte the 5 minute extension to the original 30 minute time limit. Thomas and Ulrich were apparently close though.

That was the last round this morning. I’m guessing I’ll move up the ranks a little when these rounds are scored; we’ll see.


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