Hello from Croatia (WPC 2012)

And so begins my time at my third WPC. It won’t begin for a bit; I actually arrived at the same time as the WSC competitors even though I’m not participating in the WSC. (What a tragedy; I don’t get to compete in rounds with cartoon characters.) I did this because there was no reason not to: I don’t really miss any weekdays at home by leaving earlier, and this way I get an extra buffer against jet lag and other traveling stresses. motris did the same as I did; it’ll probably be a little more awkward for him to be on-site yet on the sidelines for the WSC than me, given he’s the defending champion (is the word defending applicable here?), but that’s what he chose to do.

Anyways, I plan to cover some of my experiences with the WPC this year like I did for Hungary, but my round recaps might be much more abbreviated during the competition itself. The playoff format has a huge head-to-head component, to the point that talking about which types you did well on and which you did not can give a substantial advantage to your rivals. So I’m not going to say anymore about my performance than what can be learned from the score charts. Maybe I’ll write detailed thoughts and only edit them in afterwards; we’ll see. And yes, this is being presumptuous and assuming I make the playoffs, which very well may not happen. But even so, I lose nothing by planning ahead like this.

More news to come in a few days when the WPC properly begins.


One Response to “Hello from Croatia (WPC 2012)”

  1. Wouter Says:

    Good Luck!

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