Puzzle 407 (Nurikabe) [Line]

This is a Nurikabe puzzle, with a twist. It is not allowed to have five consecutive black cells in a row or column. The usual Nurikabe restriction that there can be no two by two squares of black cells is waived and no longer applies.

Puzzle 407

Puzzle 407

Sorry for the unannounced break last week. A second Wednesday puzzle will be posted 12 hours from now to compensate. My summer work is winding down now, so I hope to avoid having to do this again in the near future.


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2 Responses to “Puzzle 407 (Nurikabe) [Line]”

  1. Prasanna Seshadri Says:

    Nice little start ups, with a good solving path. Took me a while around the middle right, other than that was smooth sailing.

  2. TheSubro Says:

    Great puzzle. Always crafting fun puzzles. Thanks.


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