Puzzle 403 (Slitherlink) [Liar]

This is a Slitherlink puzzle, with a twist. Exactly one clue in each row and column is false. Which clues are lying is up to you to determine.

Puzzle 403

Puzzle 403


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8 Responses to “Puzzle 403 (Slitherlink) [Liar]”

  1. swaroop Says:

    Hey nice and excellent puzzle.
    Don’t no coincidental or intentional you posted this puzzle. As this is one of the type in our Indian Puzzle Championship 2012. I am rather weak in this type. But this one boosted my confidence. 🙂

  2. TheSubro Says:

    Always one of my favorite variants you create. Nobody makes them better. Thanks.


  3. Prasanna Seshadri Says:

    Ha! Finally got through a Liar Slitherlink. One variant thats always utterly stumped me. The starting point came after a long time, but the solve went like lightning after that. Liked how the has-to-be-liar logic came into play late on. Now to go back and have a go at the other liars I skipped 😛

  4. hagriddler Says:

    Nice puzzle ! I think I used a bit too much trial and error here,
    found 5 liar-hotspots, maybe there is a sixth i missed ?

    • MellowMelon Says:

      There are four major ones that you are expected to use to get started. I was under the impression if you found these properly the rest was not so bad, and Prasanna’s comment seems to confirm this. Your difficulties may have come from missing them.


  5. Rajesh Kumar Says:

    I have to guess to start this puzzle and that guess led to completing the puzzle. Very nice puzzle. Thanks for posting it before IPC 2012.

  6. hagriddler Says:

    Yep found those and also the one in
    I’ll try again to see if I missed sth else 🙂

  7. hagriddler Says:

    Tried it again using the same information I used the first time,
    and this time I came to the solution in a much nicer way,
    so nothing wrong with the puzzle, only with my initial method 🙂

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