Puzzle 398 (Fillomino) [Twins]

This is a Fillomino puzzle, with a twist. Each polyomino is the same size as exactly one other polyomino in the solution. In other words, each polyomino size is either used twice or not at all.

Puzzle 398

Puzzle 398


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7 Responses to “Puzzle 398 (Fillomino) [Twins]”

  1. Scott Says:


  2. tlhinman Says:

    Terrific. Great finish.

  3. mathgrant Says:

    One of your easier to solve puzzles as of late (at least for a very experienced puzzler), but cleverly executed and absolutely beautiful, in true Palmer Mebane style.

  4. Anuraag Sahay Says:

    This variation allows simpler design,as you can force out several implied polyominos

  5. Jack Bross Says:

    Definitely something nice about having roughly 1/3 of the puzzle blank going into the home stretch and still having it be unique. Fun and clever design.

  6. Linus Says:

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA. That last part was fiendishly elegant. You, sir, are living proof that P = PSPACE.

  7. valvino Says:

    Beautiful ending there, my friend!

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