Puzzle 395 (Nurikabe) [Domino]

This is a Nurikabe puzzle, with a twist. It must be possible to tile all of the shaded cells by nonoverlapping 1×2 dominoes.

Puzzle 395

Puzzle 395

I got sent this nice variation idea by Jack Brennen.


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8 Responses to “Puzzle 395 (Nurikabe) [Domino]”

  1. Anuraag Sahay Says:

    i would like to see one with tetromino tiling next.

  2. Anuraag Sahay Says:

    Btw,this was pretty cool initially,with the domino logic playing a good role, then i didnt have to use it for the remaining 50%.

  3. Prasanna Seshadri Says:

    Nice puzzle. I had the opposite experience looking at the above comment, I started off with the bottom right which is fully Nurikabe, and then it was nice to have the domino logic help me out from elsewhere when I got stuck.

  4. Scott Says:

    Nice variation.

  5. TheSubro Says:

    Egg Salad (excellent) puzzle.

    Great mutant.


  6. chaotic_iak Says:

    Nice puzzle. 5 months later, forgetting that this puzzle would have existed for five months before I would get the idea independently, I made one.

    After redoing both, I find out that we use different tricks, but yours actually feel somewhat easier. I’m not sure. Going to ask your (as in MellowMelon’s and all readers’) opinions.

    /end flavored self-advertising

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