TVC XII Practice Pack

TVC XII, the last of the four Tapa Variations Contests this year, is being held next weekend. For most of the TVC’s this year Para has posted practice puzzles for the types on his blog. This time around one of two things is going to happen: either you’ll get two sets of puzzles, or Para will get a well-deserved break. That’s because I had a lot of time on my hands this weekend.

TVC XII practice pack (PDF)

This PDF contains practice puzzles for Twilight (2), Compass (3), Wired (4), Roman (6), Sweeper (7), Loop (8), and two puzzles for Borders (9). We’ve already seen Visionary and Make Room (1) in the TVCs before, and I plan to make Broken (5) and TAPA TAPA (10) later. In the case of Twilight and Borders, these are variations I have done on the blog before, so the PDF just includes those older puzzles (351 for Twilight, 382 and 388 for Borders). The other five were just made.


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8 Responses to “TVC XII Practice Pack”

  1. Prasanna Seshadri Says:

    Done! Really nice batch of puzzles. I liked Compass and Roman the most(I’m not that fast, I’d just already done the ones that were already on your blog so just had the 5 to do 😛 ).

  2. Bram Says:

    Surprised you didn’t also add the same link for the Tapa Like Loop:

    This test actually already has a big set of previous puzzles available. Your borders and Twilight, Nils’ Twilight, Thomas’ Make Room for Tapa, Roman Tapa from a previous TVC, The Compass and Tapa like look from said blog

  3. tamz29 Says:

    I still don’t get Compass Tapa’s rules.

  4. Anuraag Sahay Says:

    I am happy what you did to sweeper tapa.

  5. Anuraag Sahay Says:

    tamz: compass is simple.Think of it this way: an arrow is connected to the star through the tapa wall moving only in the direction of the arrow.If you were moving in any other direction, you would reach a dead end before reching the star.(white cell).

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