Minor postponement

Besides a much higher than usual workload from courses this week, there’s a local math contest for high schools that I am playing a big role in organizing, and it happens this weekend. That’s left me without almost any spare time in the last several days. But come this Sunday most of my troubles should be past me. To compensate, there will be two puzzles posted next Wednesday, and the pack that you might have expected tomorrow will be up on March 10th at the latest. The puzzles are basically written; just have to put it together.

The high amount of stress I’ve been under probably comes as no surprise to anyone familiar with my recent CTC performances. I expected a similar downturn on TVC X; not really sure how I avoided that.


3 Responses to “Minor postponement”

  1. ksun48 Says:

    What contest?

  2. Elolo Gargounsky Says:

    Is the pack coming up?

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