Puzzle 388 (Tapa) [Borders]

This is a Tapa puzzle, with a twist. The borders between some cells may be either thick or nonexistent. A thick border separating two cells means one is shaded and the other is not. A lack of a border means the two cells are both shaded or both unshaded.

Puzzle 388

Puzzle 388

The borders idea seems close to being able to stand on its own without any Tapa clues. I’m sure such puzzles can be made, but I don’t think it would have the kind of depth I want in a type.


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9 Responses to “Puzzle 388 (Tapa) [Borders]”

  1. mathgrant Says:


    Wow, that felt exhilarating. I’m going to try to get the first comment on every blog post on every blog from now on. Now I know why people on FailBlog do it. Also, 1get?

    You really are using this gimmick in ways I never expected.

  2. Prasanna Seshadri Says:

    Wonderful puzzle. I’ve really enjoyed both the puzzles you’ve put up of this variation.

  3. Anuraag Sahay Says:

    About this design being almost entirely borders based,thats quite a debate.One would be tempted to design puzzles that stand on one part of the variation,and those that see all clue types working extensively.For most variations,I think both styles can display behaviours that can be equally interesting and novel.

  4. TheSubro Says:

    Wow. Great flow to the solve. Every week you hit the mark. Thanks for inspiring the rest of us with how bright you shine.


  5. chaotic_iak Says:

    Wait, is it allowed to have two blackened “1×2” cells? Seeing that you still refer to such “1×2” cells as two cells, it seems no, but just to make sure.

  6. Prasanna Seshadri Says:

    By my understanding, there is no existence of “1×2” cells in the puzzle, just 2 “1×1″s without a border. Personally I’m curious to see what can be made of this variation using trimino combinations of border-less cells.

  7. Anuraag Sahay Says:

    This variation will be the same with triiminos or any polyomino,as long as there are not any 2x2s in it.
    I think this is no different from an irregular tapa(first seen at TVC), except there are borders which .add a constraint.

  8. Zagreb Open 2013 Puzzles | Says:

    […] part consists of these types: Tapa, Tapa [Borders], Moc Macek, Skyscrapers, Smashed Sums, Endless Labyrinth, Toroidal Skyscraper Sudoku, Bosnian Road, […]

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