Puzzle 386 (Fillomino)

This is a Fillomino puzzle.

Puzzle 386

Puzzle 386

It occurred to me recently that 1s are probably my favorite Fillomino clues, amazingly enough. Hard to pick between 3s and 4s for second place though.


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9 Responses to “Puzzle 386 (Fillomino)”

  1. mathgrant Says:

    I noticed that a certain feature that your fans demanded is not present in this image. (Hint: try using a paint bucket to solve it.) I made do pretty easily, though.

    This is exactly the kind of Fillomino elegance and difficulty I’ve come to expect from you.

  2. Marcin Says:

    Very pleasant solve.

  3. Minfang Lin Says:

    Can I post your puzzle on a Chinese sudoku&puzzle forum?
    I want Chinese players to try your puzzles, the GFW make us can’t use wordpress or blogspot.

  4. ksun48 Says:

    Not too hard, but very good nevertheless. I always like your Fillominos.

  5. TheSubro Says:

    Great fun in the solve.



  6. hagriddler Says:

    I really loved this puzzle ! Very nicely done.
    I love the way part of the solution forces other parts.
    For the last two pairs at the end it seemed that there would be a number of possibilities but it was nice to realize (upon filling the last cell) that there is really only one solution.

  7. Ruben Gafencu Says:


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