Puzzle 385 (Remembered Length)

This is a Remembered Length puzzle.

Puzzle 385

Puzzle 385


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8 Responses to “Puzzle 385 (Remembered Length)”

  1. Jack B Says:

    Nice one, especially when I realized after the puzzle was done how easily the initial break-in *could* have been determined — I did it the hard way.

  2. Para Says:

    Was that supposed to be a 3 in the left bottom too, except it didn’t completely work out?

    • MellowMelon Says:

      I made no attempt to get the shaded area to look like anything. Getting one that worked and solved nice enough took about a dozen tries as it was. Any 3-shapes that you see are accidental.

  3. Elolo Gargounsky Says:

    I love this wednesday puzzle. My school starts earlier on wednesdays so i can copy down the puzzle and sole it at my school when i have free time.

    Suggestion: make a ? mark symbol so every time it exits that region, it goes the same distance.

  4. David Scherzinger Says:

    Excellent logic in this one. I agree with Elolo – if it would be possible, the ? would be a nice addition.

  5. thesubro Says:

    Brilliant design. Absolutely enjoyable breakin process, and then a solution that unfolded like butter. Well done young man!



  6. linked_puffbird Says:

    This was wonderful. An amazing concept. Thank you very much.

  7. chaotic_iak Says:

    …the problem is that the center isolated square doesn’t necessarily have a 3…

    Mostly initial thoughts though. I haven’t tried it.

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