Announcing Puzzle Pack Series

First, the numbered puzzles posted on this blog will now become weekly posts, with a puzzle of whatever type or difficulty going up every Wednesday.

In place of my usual 3-4 per week schedule, I plan to release a pack of puzzles as a PDF every couple months or so. The packs will have 20-25 puzzles minimum spanning a full range of difficulties. Each one will have puzzles all of the same basic type or be themed in some other fashion.

The theming around a type or something else is the main intent of these packs. As things originally were I posted on here a potpourri of types across all difficulties, and many types and variations suffered from not having easy (or hard) instances. This system should allow me to do real justice to the best types and variations I’ve made and posted over the years, with accessible examples followed by challenges that bring out the type’s full potential. The weekly blog posts will be there to keep a bit of diversity and perhaps play with types or variations of a more one-off nature.

My 2012 New Years present to all of you will be the first pack with Slitherlink and variations. More info on that when it’s posted.

Next, there is the new option of PayPal donations. In its earliest form the idea was to sell each of the puzzle packs for a small price. I eventually decided that my need or desire for money is not enough to reduce the amount of people that get to enjoy these puzzles, so they will all be free. But if you decide that these packs are something you would have gladly paid for, you have the option of making a PayPal donation. Go here or use the button below.

Donate via PayPal

The last thing to mention is that I’m going to shelve the Heyawake guide. In hindsight I think Numberlink was a bit unique in terms of how much specialized wisdom I had to share, and it’s a type that’s harder to learn solely by doing. In contrast every time I sat down to do some writing for the Heyawake post I never really felt like I was saying anything too informative or new. Maybe something more bite-sized will come later. Sorry to anyone who was anticipating this.


8 Responses to “Announcing Puzzle Pack Series”

  1. Giovanni P. Says:

    Hmm, to be honest I’m a little disappointed you will be scaling back your blog posts Palmer. On the other hand, you will be posting at a rate comparable to motris and other puzzlers, so it’s not that terrible. Besides, if we get a pack of nice puzzles (20-25!) every so often, it’s not all that terrible.

    It’s your blog, post at whatever rate you are comfortable with. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind some easier examples of some of your harder stuff; it might give me some ideas as to how to break-in/progress on some of the puzzles I have backlogged. If it means we get some cool ideas from you in the coming year, along with the eventual 400 milestone, it should be a good year.

    Congrats on the WPC win, and happy new year.

    -Giovanni P.

    • MellowMelon Says:

      I don’t think the total amount of puzzles I’ll be posting will decrease at all if you count both the blog posts and the packs together, if that’s any consolation. Well, maybe some people will prefer one format over the other, although I hope to convince people the pack idea is not bad when the first one is posted in a couple of days.

  2. Giovanni P. Says:

    I’m sure the packs will more than speak for themselves. If they are up to the same quality as your previous puzzles, I don’t think people will mind either format 😉

  3. Jürgen Says:

    please post here (as answer) the I.35 in text format, the example from page 2 would be:

  4. LuProch Says:

    My favourite puzzle on your blog is Double Back (and Triple Back and variations …). I love it. I hope you will make a pack of these.

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