WPC 2011 Update 4

Morning before the last team round and the individual playoffs. Rather than post a score chart (mostly done to give context to the post) I’ll refer you to the website, as these results are going to be staying online.

The last team round today, which functions as a “team finals”, is 8 puzzles of 150 points each plus 30 points per minute of time bonus, and it’s a one hour round. Japan in 3rd is probably too far back to catch us, but Germany needs 14 minutes of time bonus over us to win (equivalent to a bit less than 3 puzzles). The round is such that individual components of the puzzle can be solved in multiple ways but there’s only one way to do them all, so it’s easy to turn in lots of partial progress and get little to no credit for it. So Germany has plenty of winning chances.

Following that is the individual playoffs. 10 players trying to do 9 puzzles in order and finish the quickest, with time penalties for everyone below 1st based on preliminary round scores. I’m not sure I have the right method for how the penalties are calculated, but I think I start 2.5 minutes behind Ulrich, with Thomas around 5 behind and everyone else about 7 or more. Going up against Ulrich without any time penalty is a tough draw already, so I’ll need to fight my hardest to bag a win. Failing that, a top 3 finish is certainly the aim.

After those two events are over I’ll post what will probably be the last update.


One Response to “WPC 2011 Update 4”

  1. Chris M. Dickson Says:

    Congratulations, World Champion!

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