Sabbatical and the 20th WPC

Melon’s Puzzles is going on break for most of November. Posting will resume on November 28 with puzzle 382.

Between November 7 and 13, I will be in Eger, Hungary for the 20th World Puzzle Championship. I am taking this sabbatical to make sure I can focus as much of my attention on it as possible, before and during the contest. The instruction booklet has already been released, so all of my puzzle energies are being spent strategizing.

In place of the usual puzzles, I may post some things about the trip and the competition when it happens. Probably won’t be full-blown liveblogging though, since motris generally doesn’t need any help filling that niche.

A final note about the Heyawake Solving guide I promised in a comment thread awhile ago: it is in progress. The initial estimate for how long it would take was quite inaccurate since it’s not writing itself like the Numberlink guide did. Given Heyawake’s representation in the forthcoming WPC (nonzero, but not substantial), I am going to hold off on continuing work on it until after the competition.


2 Responses to “Sabbatical and the 20th WPC”

  1. Thomas Snyder Says:

    If you want to grow into the live-blogging niche, I’m very happy to stop. With two championships to focus on, the energy I spend on things like playing cards or live-blogging should probably be sacrificed to preserve my Day 6 thinking ability.

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