Puzzle 381 (Nurikabe/Tapa) [Mastermind]

This is a Nurikabe / Tapa Mastermind puzzle. Solve the left grid as a Nurikabe and the right grid as a Tapa. The gray numbers between corresponding rows represent Mastermind clues. If one were to superimpose the two solutions (without rotation or reflection), the gray number in a row tells exactly how many squares are shaded in both grids.

Puzzle 381

Puzzle 381

(Click for larger size)


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3 Responses to “Puzzle 381 (Nurikabe/Tapa) [Mastermind]”

  1. Marcin Mucha Says:

    Very nice, love the mastermind multidiagram puzzles.

  2. Ken Levine Says:

    Great sendoff. One of your most enjoyable puzzles in a long while. Loved the interrelationships.

    Best of luck at the competition. Travel well. Be safe. Play nicely with the other kids in the sandbox … Represent!



  3. araya Says:

    This followed a really nice progression as you solved. It was challenging for me. Thanks for another great one!!

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