Puzzle 367 (Slitherlink)

This is a Slitherlink puzzle.

Puzzle 367

Puzzle 367

(Click for larger size)


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4 Responses to “Puzzle 367 (Slitherlink)”

  1. wartysoybean Says:

    cute puzzle. I take it that having large patches of clue-free space in a slitherlink requires clever puzzle-writing, which was the motivation for writing this one? I really liked how the global restrictions came into play on this one.

    • MellowMelon Says:

      There was more than one motivation here. The empty space and the almost-symmetry were probably the main two.

      • Andy Says:

        Oh! I only really saw the repeated patterns on the two stripes, and didn’t notice the clue symmetry between the corners – very cool how the path stays asymmetric..

      • wartysoybean Says:

        Yeah, along with Andy, I totally missed the symmetry outside of the two stripes. Very cool stuff 🙂

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