Puzzle 366 (Tapa)

This is a Tapa puzzle.

Puzzle 366

Puzzle 366

(Click for larger size)


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9 Responses to “Puzzle 366 (Tapa)”

  1. Marcin Mucha Says:

    You really went overboard with the “easy” thing on this one. Nice puzzle regardless…

    • MellowMelon Says:

      The intended audience are those completely new to puzzles, like people I know offline who mention they saw my blog but couldn’t solve anything on it. I expect a lot of my regular audience to find these puzzles quite trivial, but that’s why there’s still three other puzzles in the week to chew on, just like before the schedule change.

      • TheSubro Says:

        “people I know offline who mention they saw my blog but couldn’t solve anything on it” ???

        Listen Palmer, I am much older and wiser (as to life’s lessons) than a young pup like yourself. This is simply not the best way to get a girl to dig you. The better wooing message is to keep them completely amazed and confused as to your brilliance, then buy them flowers and compliment how they look in their new shoes.

        If you keep the blog at an elevated level, we’ll be better off, you’ll be better off, and frankly the people you are pursuing will be better off (so they don’t have the burden of having to try and understand you and your wacky interests).

        Sage advice from,


      • MellowMelon Says:

        No matter how plausible this argument sounds on paper, in two years it has done little to generate more widespread interest in actuality. I don’t think the wooing analogy works here.

  2. Scott Handelman Says:

    TheSubro, look at it this way. I’ve pointed some of my high school students to this site (or printed off some puzzles for them to try) and, since they’re not logical phenoms, they usually walk away discouraged. People who have yet to enter the world of logic puzzles are never going to be amazed at someone’s brilliance if they don’t have somewhere to start.

    At the worst, we get three interesting puzzles a week, which is exactly what we were getting a few weeks ago. At the best, we get four interesting puzzles. I liked last week’s Nurikabe, easy though it was. This Tapa was a lightning quick solve, but had its good qualities.

    Besides, I’m sure Palmer agrees that it’s worth practicing how to create an easy puzzle, so that you can reach the widest audience.

    • TheSubro Says:

      1. The point about Palmer using the blog to woo chicks was an actual (semi-humorous) assertion. I find it even funnier that many took it as an analogy. Says tons about the audience here. :0)

      2. Palmer can do whatever Palmer wants with his blog and we all who really like it will return every day. Palmer, if you want more hits, put up naked pictures of celebrities or dogs riding skateboards. If you want to have the best logic puzzle blog on the internet, … you are already there. Keep up the great work

      3. Scott, send all new folks to PuzzlePicnic or Nikoli (free samples)or Games Magazine or other general puzzle locales for intro stuff. I say leave Palmer and his brilliance for the experienced or devoted folks

      One man’s opinion,


  3. Giovanni P. Says:

    Frankly, I don’t care if you decide to release easy puzzles on Mondays Mr. Mebane. It’s your blog, and if you want to introduce people to your puzzles as encouragement to try the harder ones, I’m all for it.

    My only advice would be to cast a wide net on these Monday puzzles–make a variety that covers the various types you’ve introduced on your blog, so people who don’t know how to approach a non-Nikoli puzzle like Castle Wall or Out of Sight can get a grasp on the basic strategies and work up to your hardest puzzles.

    Besides, the other three you released last week were still interesting. Keep it up and I won’t be complaining anytime soon.

    • MellowMelon Says:

      Yes, this is the hope. I’m going to try to avoid repeating any type for these Mondays until I cycle through all the types that I still post. But likely a lot of the earlier ones will be more classic types since those are easier to construct at this level.

  4. mathgrant Says:

    Unlike TheSubro, I think you are justified in making both easy puzzles for beginners and challenging ones for veterans. Potential employers love knowing that their freelance puzzlesmiths can cater to all difficulty levels! And you haven’t sacrificed a bit of your artistry to do so, either, because the easy puzzles are still fantastic, and the other content isn’t being reduced in quantity or quality. 🙂

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