Puzzle 365 (Castle Wall) [Anti-symmetric]

This is a Castle Wall puzzle, with a twist. None of the clue colors are given initially. For each symmetric pair of clues, exactly one is inside the loop (white) and exactly one is outside the loop (black).

Puzzle 365

Puzzle 365

(Click for larger size)

Unrelated to this puzzle: if you’re a Fillomino fan, you will enjoy this puzzle from Anderson Wang, a regular USPC/LMI competitor and someone I’ve met in real life through math contests. His other content is worth doing too, but that one stands out.


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5 Responses to “Puzzle 365 (Castle Wall) [Anti-symmetric]”

  1. TheSubro Says:

    Another brilliant puzzle.



  2. Rob Says:

    This is a great concept, and I had a lot of fun solving until I hit the middle. There I didn’t find good arguments anymore; it became quite trial&error-ish for me, though it did work out in the end. Probably missing something, though maybe it’s just the “Sunday”.

    • MellowMelon Says:

      Nothing too close to trial and error is needed for this puzzle, but I can hazard a guess to the step you’re missing. It has to do with the interaction between R3C13 and R7C17

  3. Andy Says:

    Really enjoyed this one, although I got hung up for a while at the end, trying to route columns 7-9. I liked the break-in, how it quickly illustrated one of the basic properties of this variation.. Thanks!

  4. Antisymmetric Puzzles | Puzzled by Titles Says:

    […] this Castle Wall puzzle by Palmer Mebane, each pair of opposite clues contains one white and one black clue. However, it is […]

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