Puzzle 364 (Masyu) [Optional Blacks]

This is a Masyu puzzle, with a twist. The loop is not required to pass through black circles. But if a black circle is passed through, it still functions like it would in ordinary Masyu.

Puzzle 364

Puzzle 364

(Click for larger size)

Unrelated to this puzzle: it occurred to me recently that it’s been over a year since the Numberlink solving primer went up, and I haven’t really done any sort of solving guides since then. It’s not for lack of time or desire, but mostly because I have no idea what to write for and what people might want to see. The Numberlink guide itself had been directly inspired from some comments on a recent (at the time) puzzle of mine.

If there’s a type or anything solving-related that you’d like to see a guide for, I’d be happy to hear the request. While there are some things, particularly Latin Square based puzzles, that I have no authority to write on, I think there’s a fair amount I could do.


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16 Responses to “Puzzle 364 (Masyu) [Optional Blacks]”

  1. Rob Says:

    Great puzzle! Took me a while to get into, but a very satisfying solve in the end.

  2. Serkan Yurekli Says:

    Great puzzle! I love the idea! I made a variant “Deformable Masyu” in OAPC, I felt same when I solve your amazing puzzle! Really, I like so much. And I want to make in future.

    Thanks a lot Palmer

  3. Terry Says:

    My suggestion is a Heyawake tutorial. I am so bad at them, I think I’m missing one of the rules or something. Thanks!

  4. lolz Says:

    Yeah, I’m really bad at Heyawake too.

  5. Sashas Says:

    I loved this. I think Masyu’s greatest weakness is the sameness that can creep up on you after you’ve gotten used to them. Variants like this one (and the “Where is black cells” from 2010) add in the spice needed to make Masyu my favorite style of puzzle.

  6. Scott Handelman Says:

    It’s refreshing to solve a Masyu that starts in the middle.

    • ksun48 Says:

      Yeah, I just go t to this today, but found that this was extremely good for a masyu. The variant was verygood, and the break-in in the middle was something pretty rare.

  7. David Scherzinger Says:

    It took me a while to get started, but this was a very rewarding solve. This was definitely an interesting way of messing with the rules.

  8. Marcin Mucha Says:

    Beautiful puzzle and a very refreshing variant !

  9. linked_puffbird Says:

    Wonderful puzzle, thank you. I liked the different ways you showed a black pearl was a fake, and the bit at the top center.

    As to solving tips, how about Remembered Length? I still have not solved the first one.


  10. TheSubro Says:

    Brilliant puzzle. You da man! Like others have noted, its nice when a variant spices up an ole favorite puzzle format that has become a bit boring.

    The puzzle type that bothers me the most – possibly because I know how to solve them but dont see the correct solutions anyway – is spiraling galaxies. Not a well-known one or one that will offer universal appeal, but heck, you asked.


  11. MellowMelon Says:

    Thanks for all of the comments. While I had believed myself that this one came out a little better than a lot of my other work, I didn’t expect it to be this warmly received.

    Regarding the (non Heyawake) solving guide suggestions, I’ll consider them once the current one is done. Whether I do them or not, thanks for the suggestions regardless, as they do give me a better idea of what kind of things people are interested in.

  12. David Says:

    International Borders is another type that would benefit enormously from a MellowMelon Solving Primer. 🙂

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