Puzzle 363 (Remembered Length)

This is a Remembered Length puzzle.

Puzzle 363

Puzzle 363

(Click for larger size)

This is on the bottom of the description page, but I’ll copy it here: the shading is just for aesthetic purposes and can be ignored when solving.


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7 Responses to “Puzzle 363 (Remembered Length)”

  1. Jonah Says:

    Well that was refreshingly pleasant. I think I can get used to this new difficulty schedule.

  2. TheSubro Says:

    Great puzzle. Really enjoy that type.



  3. Bram Says:

    I liked this. Somewhat sad though as this was exact idea I had to introduce this genre to my blog.

  4. Marcin Mucha Says:

    Beautiful puzzle. I had some trouble with one of those earlier, but this one had excellent flow for me.

  5. Georgi Says:

    I just now realised that two adjacent parallel lines must go in opposite directions =\. After that it was smooth sailing.

    • Andy Says:

      I uneasily came to this same conclusion by inspection/assumption, without really figuring out a real proof – can someone give a quick explanation of why this is always the case? Perhaps it’s obvious.

      I’m guessing this will help ease some of the trouble I’ve had with previous RLs..

      • MellowMelon Says:

        It’s a topological thing. Think about how the loop has to circulate around the interior (or exterior) in the same direction the whole time. If it’s moving left on one side of the interior, it has to be moving right on the other.

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