Schedule Change

This (not very long) post has a few notices, mostly regarding a change to the weekly schedule which now has an extra puzzle each week.

Starting this week, the blog’s schedule will change a bit. What has been Monday will now be Wednesday. What has been Wednesday will now be Friday. What has been Friday will now be Sunday. Mondays will still be posted, so four puzzles per week now. They will be puzzles that are actually easy, unlike almost everything else I’ve posted in the last two years. If you’re skeptical (and I imagine most regular readers are at this point), be assured that I will be sending the new Mondays in advance to other people, such as glmathgrant, to check that I’m not overshooting the target level of difficulty. I learned long ago that I’m a bad judge of this.

I expect these Mondays to be a little below my usual standard of quality, since my construction style is not as well-suited to easy puzzles. But I will do my best to include at least something of note in each of them.

You may have also noticed that two new “Easiest” and “Hardest” categories have been added to the navigation on the right. I intend the “Easiest” category to be accessible to anyone new to these kinds of puzzles, and all of the new Mondays will be going in there. The “Hardest” category is self-explanatory. I’ve already gone through and added all the earlier puzzles I think are appropriate for each list. If you believe that I missed any past puzzles in either category, or that I put something in that shouldn’t be there, feel free to tell me.

As a final note unrelated to everything above, I am officially cancelling what I originally planned to be 350 as a separate marathon. The planned concept may surface in a later giant puzzle, although I already have a good idea of what I want 400 to be, so it would have to wait a long time. In general, I think I will only be doing the extra large/special puzzles on multiples of 100 instead of multiples of 50 from now on. I apologize if this makes you sad.


7 Responses to “Schedule Change”

  1. Thomas Snyder Says:

    You’re not doing a 350 marathon!!! YOU PROMISED!?!?!?!

    For “free” puzzles you write with your own time, please continue to set your own rules and do as you please. I stopped listening to that “Thanks for the effort though” guy a long time ago.

    I think all your natural inclinations here are correct and the “easiest” category will be a good addition even if it is harder to construct to your insanely high standards.

    • Thomas Snyder Says:

      Um, that post started with a “puts on snark hat” and “takes off snark hat” comment around the first line. Seems the html markup took it out, but please do not think I actually am disappointed.

      • MellowMelon Says:

        Don’t worry, I caught the change of hats on the first read anyway.

        Setting my own scheduling rules has been the approach I’ve been taking since restarting the semi-weekly posting at the beginning of this year. My frequent two week breaks would attest to this.

  2. Giovanni P. Says:

    Unfortunately it does a little. I guess it was a little too ambitious after all. Perhaps you could do like mathgrant does and post a 45×31 every 50 or so? Still, I am curious to hear about what you had in mind for 350, even if it’s only the puzzle type.

    Ah well, I’m looking forward to what you have in the future. At least we’ll get a bonus puzzle each week out of it 🙂 Keep on going strong Mr. Mebane.

    -Giovanni P.

    • MellowMelon Says:

      The idea may get used in a smaller and more manageable puzzle later. While I won’t ruin everything, I will say it was a Remembered Length.

      • Giovanni P. Says:

        Ah, thanks man. I look forward to seeing what you do with the idea you had; given what you have already done with Remembered Length, I could see it being a killer idea.

        Like I said, getting another puzzle per week isn’t a bad consolation prize at all. Even if you do something as simple as a nice aesthetic in your Monday puzzles, it would be worth it :).

        At least I can focus on finishing the other five marathons I have yet to complete.

  3. Sam Ettinger Says:

    If you ever need a puzzle playtested, Monday or ‘notherwise, I’ll jump at the chance!

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