Puzzle 358 (Heyawacky)

This is a Heyawacky puzzle.

Puzzle 358

Puzzle 358

(Click for larger size)


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4 Responses to “Puzzle 358 (Heyawacky)”

  1. Rob Says:

    I found this one really hard, with a lot of staring blankly. On the other hand, most of the time when I was stuck, it turned out I had missed a pretty obvious deduction, so I’m not quite sure how hard it really is. I’ll need to give it another try another time. Thanks!

  2. Tom.C Says:

    I really enjoyed this one, and I’m glad you take the border interpretation of the rule (rather than regions). Just feels more natural as you solve.

  3. TheSubro Says:

    Nice puzzle. Good challenge, lessons learned.



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