Puzzle 353 (Multi-Ouroboros)

This is a Multi-Ouroboros puzzle.

Puzzle 353

Puzzle 353

(Click for larger size)

Unrelated note: I seem to have been cursed on LMI in the past months where I am unable to get any ranking I’ve gotten before, which is a problem for instance when your rankings on your first six tests are 1 to 6 (I got 7th on the next one; go figure). Finally broke the curse in the best possible way by getting 1st a second time on the sprint test.


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6 Responses to “Puzzle 353 (Multi-Ouroboros)”

  1. Scott Handelman Says:

    Solved quickly, but almost entirely intuitively.

  2. Rezyk Says:

    Feels a little weird to determine the loop path but still not know which way the snakes are facing.

    • MellowMelon Says:

      I know. If you check the comments for the first couple puzzles you’ll see I foresaw an ambiguity like that in a possible later puzzle. But the point is to determine which cells the loop contains, not so much the individual snakes, so I considered it acceptable (and still do).

  3. Deb Mohanty Says:

    About your LMI ranks :
    That is an very very interesting find. Congratulation on your top score in Sprint test. I’m sure it will boost your ratings.

  4. TheSubro Says:

    Solved by intuition (a rare event for me), and then returned to analyze logically for singularity with a bunch of bifurcation steps. Its all good and all fun.

    p.s. Lots of dead puzzle space in the corner again. Son, are you on dope? Ya know they call it dope for a reason!

    • MellowMelon Says:

      An old version of this puzzle made use of that space at the cost of having a nearly rotationally symmetric snake. I don’t mind dead corners much; the large 4-themed one had a pretty sparse top and left edge for instance.

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