Puzzle 350 (Slitherlink) [All Twos]

This is a Slitherlink puzzle, with a twist. All of the twos are given to you in this puzzle. That is, any unclued square cannot have exactly two segments of the loop surrounding it.

Puzzle 350

Puzzle 350

(Click for larger size)

Celebrating the blog’s second anniverary. For those who think this puzzle is boringly easy, try to see how few non-2 clues you need to solve it. The new rule is a tight constraint, so the minimum is probably pretty low.


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9 Responses to “Puzzle 350 (Slitherlink) [All Twos]”

  1. Marcin Mucha Says:

    I got 9 but wouldn’t be surprised if less is possible.

    • Rob Says:

      This was more fun than I thought at first. Think I got down to 8, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if less were possible. But even with the 8 it’s not a particularly nice solve anymore.

  2. Bram Says:

    The all 2’s given constraint is very heavy in slitherlink. I’ve made a few puzzles which gives all 2’s and no other numbers, but they aren’t exactly fun to solve, just interesting that they are unique.

  3. TheSubro Says:

    Decent puzzle, especially for a Monday coming off the USPC adrenalin boost.

    The only negative I have has to do with your design in the bottom left corner. It was very unlike you to underdesign that portion of the grid – with basically 6-8 dead boxes. Nothing wrong per se, just not like your usual full designs.

    Thanks for the puzzle, and Congrats again on the big score.


    • MellowMelon Says:

      That is a fair criticism. In my view it was poking at an interesting aspect of the rules, where in ordinary Slitherlink you could’ve gone into that region with a large number of solutions resulting, but here it was “sealed off” by the extra rule.

      Another reason it occurred is that I was mimicking the clue configuration of Puzzle 1, which had those two regions, and getting a solution that went into them was quite tricky because there can’t be any 2s in them. Chances are it would’ve mimicked the opposite corner.

      And of course there’s the giant S puzzle from a long time ago (a Wednesday I think) where I had empty space everywhere, so it’s not the first time I’ve done this.

      • Andy Says:

        I liked the SW and NE corners, where the extra constraint forced one to be empty, and the other full.. White space can be attractive, I definitely remember the S puzzle.

        Even with the link in the description, I didn’t catch the pattern callback to Puzzle 1. Congratulations and thanks for an excellent 2 years’ worth of puzzles, and congrats on the USPC again..

  4. Bryce Herdt Says:

    I didn’t strictly check how many non-2s were needed. What I did was keep the puzzle symmetrical, so there were immediately eight non-2s, and I added two more pairs: the clues sharing the center dot, and the pair at R3C9 and R8C2.

    Yeah, so that’s 12 other clues when I preserve symmetry. Might try again without that constraint.

  5. Slitherlink 4 [All Twos] « betaveros.blog Says:

    […] 2s have been given to you. Thus, empty squares cannot have exactly two edges around them. Of course it’s been done before (guess […]

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