Puzzle 349 (Sudoku)

This is a Sudoku puzzle.

Puzzle 349

Puzzle 349

(Click for larger size)

Long-time readers might remember the days when puzzle 50n+49 was always some sort of silly joke, with 199 probably being the best example. At first appearance, this might look like a continuation of that, but it isn’t. I did just in fact post a classic Sudoku. Actually I’ve made a few of these already as part of improving my solving. This is the first one that I even considered publishing.

As a final note, the difficulty is probably a little off from Friday. This one is probably around a nikoli Hard, which is more typical for Wednesday on this blog. My reasoning is that classic Sudoku tend to have a difficulty ceiling before guessing becomes the best strategy, and a typical Friday of mine would easily break that threshold.


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One Response to “Puzzle 349 (Sudoku)”

  1. Rob Says:

    Fun, and pretty. Definitely a worthy first published Sudoku.

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