Puzzle 345 (Remembered Length)

This is a Remembered Length puzzle.

Puzzle 345

Puzzle 345

(Click for larger size)

One might see this as the harder sequel to Puzzle 338. I honestly have little idea if this puzzle is easier to solve with logic or with intuitive, Numberlink-style thinking. Pick your favorite approach.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the gimmick here replicates a puzzle type that’s already been done before.


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5 Responses to “Puzzle 345 (Remembered Length)”

  1. Marcin Mucha Says:

    Very enjoyable solve, used a mixture of all types of reasoning including the loop direction (clockwise/counterclockwise) which helps a lot once you figure out which one it is, once you get the bottom left part.


  2. Bram Says:

    It somewhat turned into an anglers puzzle, with the exception that the fishermen catch each other instead of fish. It at least solved a lot like one when I did it.

    • MellowMelon Says:

      Oh yeah, it does solve sort of like Anglers. I knew I was having deja vu when making/testing this one.

      Fishermen catching each other, huh? I’d really love to see how that would work out in reality.

    • Thomas Snyder Says:

      I’ll ditto what Bram said. With checkerboard shading logic and assigning a goal for each start it very much captured that puzzle type but with internal fishers. Very enjoyable.

  3. TheSubro Says:

    Fun stuff. I like the others better as this one was too driven by the 100 count of boxes, and therefore a bit too much numberlink-lite-ish sorta.

    Keep em coming please. Thanks.


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