Fillomino-Fillia Constructor Contest Results + Bonus Puzzle

The constructor contest is finished (actually was finished yesterday). There were 10 entrants. The winner, as those of you who check mathgrant’s blog will know, was Projectyl, who got 16 of 18 correct. The correct answer was
In other words, except for Sum and Greater-Than, mathgrant made the puzzle at the top of each page, and except for Cipher and Greater-Than, I made the puzzle on the bottom. This means Greater-Than flipped the usual pattern, something that a lot of people caught onto to my surprise.

The fewest correct responses were provided for the hard Shikaku; only three entrants pegged that one as mine. Next was the hard Cipher, which only four correctly guessed was mathgrant’s. The winning entry by Projectyl only missed the easy Sum and hard Cipher.

In light of that last bit, since Projectyl already got a (fairly challenging) Cipher puzzle constructed for him by mathgrant, I thought about perhaps giving him a Sum puzzle. So I did. Congratulations to him, and enjoy the puzzle.

Bonus Prize Puzzle

Bonus Prize Puzzle

(Click for larger size)

Read down the diagonal to see how his alias was worked in. Warning: Despite the fact that it was the easy Sum that Projectyl missed, this puzzle is very, very challenging.


6 Responses to “Fillomino-Fillia Constructor Contest Results + Bonus Puzzle”

  1. David Scherzinger Says:

    I like the part at the end with all the math – very nice logic there.
    Is it just me, or are you playing more with leftover space in your construction now?

    • MellowMelon Says:

      In this particular case I was dealing with the extremely heavy construction constraints imposed on myself. I had just that top left corner left, a lot of sums whose values were fixed by aesthetics, and only a couple of sums on the top and left edges left to specify.

      So this pattern of playing with leftover space might be a side-effect of attempting some more ambitious aesthetics in some of my recent work. But having not noticed it myself I don’t really know.

  2. rob Says:

    Too bad we didn’t see the second tie-breaker in action… I was secretly hoping we’d see the entire list of ranked words.

    The puzzle is very nice.

  3. Serkan Yurekli Says:

    I like very much. After putting some numbers i was pretty sure that is only way to reach the solution, but then it was broken, so i said myself “be careful, be careful, consider all possibilities dont miss anything!”.

    Left side was a little bit challenging, because should “18 sum” contain 10-8 (when i considered that 15 may contain 7-8) or 9-9. But i catched finally and solved.

    * Combining F. and sum is perfect idea, after solving 3 puzzles and i am understanding now value of this variant 🙂

  4. chaotic_iak Says:

    So when I’m going around blogs in the quest of [redacted], I find this entry again. You know, the gifts for Projectyl are Cipher and Sum. Guess which FF1 variants appeared in FF2.

    Is this intentional? 😛

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