Fillomino-fillia Announcement

It was only very recently that I had finished up posting extra puzzles constructed for the Zoo, and already it’s time to announce my second test on Logic Masters India. This is probably my last one for quite awhile so that I can keep competing.

Fillomino-fillia will be running from June 3 to June 5 next weekend for a 2 hour period of your choice. This test is actually co-constructed with mathgrant, and each of us contributed half of the puzzles used in the test. It consists of 18 puzzles that are all Fillomino, as the title may indicate. Four are classic puzzles and the rest consist of two each of seven variations.

The instruction booklet is already available on the test page on LMI that was linked to above, so you can see what the variations are there. It turned out none of them (excluding classics of course) are variations I’ve done on here before, but a few of the others that did get on are some of my own new ideas that you may be seeing here in the future.

Like for the Zoo, there will be a preview series for this test too. This week, mathgrant and I are each posting four of our own puzzles that got cut from the actual test, one classic and one of each of the seven variations. Many of the variations have little to no past incarnations, so you are encouraged to try the previews out for practice.

I hope everyone enjoys the test, even if you don’t find the time to compete this weekend (but please try!). Obviously it’s impossible to tell for certain now, but I believe many of the problems that plagued the Zoo have been fixed this go around (simpler instructions, consistent answer entry, not impossibly hard), which is probably largely thanks to working with mathgrant. Good luck to anyone playing this weekend!

2 Responses to “Fillomino-fillia Announcement”

  1. chaotic_iak Says:

    Uh oh, I hope I’m allowed to be online. (My 6/6 finals, the last one, are English and History, and not really a great deal, but they are still finals, and I don’t know whether my parents will allow me to be online or not. So…yeah.)

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