Puzzle 321 (Yajilin)

This is a Yajilin puzzle.

Puzzle 321

Puzzle 321

(Click for larger size)

I feel obliged to point out something I found in my referral list recently: http://pronter.tumblr.com/. It looks to be a digest of posts from several puzzle sites, a lot of which I (and probably many of you) already knew about. But new to me were some posts from Japanese puzzle blogs which seem to mostly post Heyawake puzzles, and they are both quite hard and extremely nice. Worth a look if that piques your interest.


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6 Responses to “Puzzle 321 (Yajilin)”

  1. rob Says:

    Quite tricky for some reason, had me start over twice. Not that the individual steps were all that difficult. Thanks!

    In other things, congratulations on finally passing me on croco-puzzle. Considering we have a similar amount of puzzles solved, I can’t quite understand why you were so far behind when your solving times are usually so much better.


  2. Tyler Says:

    Charcoal Mokumoku (as Google Chrome translated it) is cool.

    Enjoyed this puzzle too; quite tough, but I got through it with no guessing, which is an accomplishment for me on your puzzles. 😀

  3. TheSubro Says:

    Solid fun. Thanks.


  4. JonM Says:

    This is my first Yajilin. I guess I got about 60% done, discovering some neat path-related logic that drove some empty-square and filled-square conclusions. But, after hours of struggle, I’ve concluded, I believe, that this is just too hard. I’m stuck. Assuming I haven’t made any errors, and that’s at least a medium assumption, is what-if testing required? Or, am I missing some logical inferences?

    Can you post a solution … or might you already do so as a matter of course, in which case I just need to be directed to that. Thanks!

    • MellowMelon Says:

      This is a pretty rough puzzle for a first Yajilin; you might consider finding a gentler introduction. For this one, no if-then logic is required, but there is a tricky bit of themed logic here. Notice that there are several places where 5 clues form a plus configuration (with a bit of space between each clue). Note that of the four spaces surrounding the center clue, at least one of them must be a black square to avoid closing a loop. Assuming I didn’t miss any sequence breaks, there are several places where this rule must be applied in clever ways.

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