Puzzle 315 (Nurikabe / Fillomino)

This is a Nurikabe / Fillomino hybrid puzzle.

Puzzle 315

Puzzle 315

(Click for larger size)

(See 294 for info about this “reject” series.) I think this is the very last of the rejects (two and a half months after the test was released too!). As usual for these Fridays, this was a puzzle that was just too hard to keep.


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3 Responses to “Puzzle 315 (Nurikabe / Fillomino)”

  1. Andy Says:

    Another great puzzle, and a really beautiful array of givens. I made pretty smooth progress and thought it wouldn’t have been out of place on the test, up until the NW corner, oof.. Still fair now that I see it, but each step suddenly took far longer.

    I like this variation a lot, I hope it’s as interesting to construct, so we might see more!

    • rob Says:

      Strange, I got through the NW smoothly. I was caught twice by a bad connectivity deduction in the SE however. Nice puzzle.


  2. James Says:

    This hybrid I found surprisingly complicated, it involved new logic that neither fillomino or nurikabe have. For some reason I ruled out the correct solution early on (twice!), so spent hours wading through it before a satisfying finish.. 🙂

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