Puzzle 313 (Nurikabe)

This is a Nurikabe puzzle.

Puzzle 313

Puzzle 313

(Click for larger size)


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6 Responses to “Puzzle 313 (Nurikabe)”

  1. mathgrant Says:

    This is the most beautiful Nurikabe I’ve seen today.

  2. Tom.C Says:

    Very cute, although not quite as skull-splitting impossible as I’ve become accustomed to on this blog….I suppose that it is only a monday!


  3. Scott Handelman Says:

    Started as a Monday, ended as a Wednesday; the top left took some thinking! Very nice design.

  4. TheSubro Says:

    Scott Handleman and I agree

  5. dorque Says:

    Thirding the fondness for the top left. This is a really elegant Nurikabe.

  6. chaotic_iak Says:

    Great puzzle. As the previous commenters said, the top-left part is a bit rough, but a funny, tricky, and unusual technique can be applied there.

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