Puzzle 312 (Out of Sight)

This is an Out of Sight puzzle.

Puzzle 312

Puzzle 312

(Click for larger size)

(See 294 for info about this “reject” series.) Another old adult that had to be redone.


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5 Responses to “Puzzle 312 (Out of Sight)”

  1. Andy Says:

    Phew, quite a challenge.. Every time I arrived at a deduction after extended staring, I thought/hoped it would be some kind of substantial break, but invariably it would lead to only 2 or 3 block placements, and I’d repeat the process of stare/deduce/lament. Constant stop/start, even up to the very end..

    I’m amazed at how such a regular pattern of givens can produce such intricate and varying logic. Also with such a high utilization ratio, I think I only noticed 2 inconsequential clues.. Great puzzle, thanks!

  2. PuzzleScott Says:

    Superb puzzle, and quite difficult. Agree 100% with Andy.

    If I’d tried it during a timed contest (though never would have) it would have torpedoed me.

  3. David Scherzinger Says:

    Was the intended break-in in the upper-left? Because that’s where I started, and I really only hit a wall once or twice. Normally I’m terrible at these :/

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