Puzzle 306 (Heyawacky) [Pentomino]

This is a Heyawacky puzzle, with a twist. Partition the grid into the twelve different pentominoes so that every pentomino contains exactly one symbol (number or question mark). Then take the pentominoes as the rooms and solve the Heyawacky puzzle. A number in a pentomino gives the amount of black squares inside. A question mark represents a number not given – you must deduce how many black squares are in that room.

Puzzle 306

Puzzle 306

(Click for larger size)

Not really an April Fool’s day puzzle, but maybe it counts that this is far harder than the size suggests. Actually it’s currently the smallest puzzle on the blog in total area, excluding examples.

Perhaps a bit heavier on the if-then logic than what I usually post, but pentomino puzzles tend to be like that. If you use both sets of constraints together well, you can avoid a lot of it.


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9 Responses to “Puzzle 306 (Heyawacky) [Pentomino]”

  1. Projectyl Says:

    This is a brilliant concept, outstandingly executed. I was bracing myself for hours of staring based on your warning, but there weren’t any steps that seemed that unreasonable to me. Thanks for the great puzzle!

  2. rob Says:

    Sweet puzzle. There didn’t seem to be much if-then-else at all.

  3. Bryce Herdt Says:

    Progress, for my part, came in fits and starts. I attempted to use complicated lines of reasoning, but I really made the most headway on steps that were obvious once found.
    But just to be sure I solved it: ACZBBAZBBBZB, alphabetically.

  4. Me Me Says:

    Can I see the solution to this?

    • MellowMelon Says:

      I try to avoid sending the full solution out in most cases. If you’re completely stuck or think there’s a contradiction, feel free to send me an email describing your problem.

  5. Me Me Says:

    wait so what’s your email?

  6. Elolo Gargounsky Says:

    This is the second time you (kinda) have an idea of a puzzle i made!
    😦 stop it!
    (My idea was numbers on a grid which you parition into rectangles like a shikaku and solve as a heyawake)

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