Puzzle 303 (Out of Sight / Heyawake)

This is a Out of Sight / Heyawake hybrid puzzle. Shade in some squares to satisfy the constraints of both sets of rules.

Puzzle 303

Puzzle 303

(Click for larger size)

(See 294 for info about this “reject” series.) The adult of old versions, yet again. Those of you who finished the actual test back in February may not find this one as uberhard as it is. The difficult, themed logic in this puzzle ended up being transplanted to the (non-hybrid) Out of Sight adult during a phase of replacing puzzles, and that adult survived to be on the real test. So those of you who found what that themed step was won’t be as surprised on this one.

That’s the majority of the rejects I plan to post. There are a few Friday-level puzzles left, particularly some of the old Hybrid adults. I’ll post them in the near future as I really liked all of them, even if they were too hard, but I don’t know exactly when. For the most part, we’re back to original material now.


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