Puzzle 297 (In-Out Slitherlink)

This is a In-Out Slitherlink puzzle.

Puzzle 297

Puzzle 297

(Click for larger size)

(See 294 for info about this “reject” series.) Now for the type cut from the Mutant section. When it came time to decide what to take out, it was pretty clear that I may as well avoid having two Slitherlink variations in the mutant section, and there was no way in hell I was taking out Liar Slitherlink.

This puzzle was the baby on an early draft. Later drafts had a tweak with a lot more clues and an almost identical solution, but ignoring the difficulty difference I find this version superior. A bit heavy for Monday, admittedly.


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4 Responses to “Puzzle 297 (In-Out Slitherlink)”

  1. Rob Says:

    Very nice. The solution flows quite naturally. That break-in 1/2/1 diagonal was particularly elegant.

  2. Scott Handelman Says:

    I see what you did there. I had deja vu from solving the bottom after having broken in near the top. 🙂

    • MellowMelon Says:

      More subtle is probably the fact that you can actually get through the center to solve the bottom immediately after the top, so in fact those two chains can be the very first things you do. But I wouldn’t expect too many people to do this. Takes some trickery to see.

  3. chaotic_iak Says:

    My first In-Out Slitherlink is apparently not as difficult as I thought. Got a few techniques, most importantly (IMO) the “if in/outside, what happens” technique. 🙂 More specific is the pattern of 1 being in the corner and 0 on the edge (though the latter doesn’t appear here). Nice variation.

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