Puzzle 292 (Nurikabe / Fillomino)

This is a Nurikabe / Fillomino hybrid puzzle.

Puzzle 292

Puzzle 292

Part 11 of 12 in the Melon’s Puzzle Zoo preview series.

Answer Entry: Enter the units digit of each number in the marked rows and columns. For instance, if a 4 or 14 appears in the row or column you would enter 4 for it.

Highlight to see answer: 1993314733, 2668655272


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11 Responses to “Puzzle 292 (Nurikabe / Fillomino)”

  1. mathgrant Says:

    Holy crap, this was clever, I especially loved the endgame (specifically, the part in row B).

  2. stigant Says:

    Wow, that was very cool. I think this is my favorite animal in the zoo so far.

    • MellowMelon Says:

      It’s one of my preferred types too, although Nonconsecutive Fillomino probably takes top honors on my list. The main downsides are the somewhat steep learning curve and the problem of notation, but the logical possibilities are extremely broad.

  3. Marcin Says:

    Wow, that was a weird experience. I managed to break it twice before actually understanding what’s going on and then it went pretty smoothly the 3rd time. Good puzzle, hoping to see a killer Nurikabe/Fillomino in the actual contest!


    • Jack Says:

      Let’s see, a “killer Nurikabe/Fillomino” would have little regions where the digits had to add up to a certain total. Let’s do it! MOAR RULZ!

      (Then all it needs is some skyscraper numbers on the outside, and a direction like “some squares contain arrows. The digits in these squares refer to the number of battleship segments in the indicated direction. Squares not containing battleships are used for a loop which must visit each fillomino region exactly twice” and we’ll have the world’s first Killermino Doublecraper Yajibattlekabe!)

  4. Scott Handelman Says:

    Whew, rule heavy! I broke it right at the end in the upper left corner, but I got it on my second time through.

    • MellowMelon Says:

      The instructions page (on here) has a “concise” version of the rules, which should be very helpful for those who know both Fillomino and Nurikabe. It gives the simple principle that resulted in a hell of a lot of details.

      • Bryce Herdt Says:

        Well, I think I can clarify the rules by breaking them into three sentences and still leave them shorter. if I may be so bold.

        “Each Fillomino region has either one circle or no circles. Regions with a circle are separate Nurikabe islands. The regions without circles form a single Nurikabe wall.”


  5. Bryce Herdt Says:

    I remembered someone else mixing these puzzles in sort of a perpendicular manner. Here’s the entry: http://grandpascorpion.livejournal.com/8858.html

    Unfortunately, he seems to have gone absent after that Halloween.

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