Puzzle 290 (Castle Wall / Masyu)

This is a Castle Wall / Masyu hybrid puzzle.

Puzzle 290

Puzzle 290

Part 9 of 12 in the Melon’s Puzzle Zoo preview series.

Answer Entry: Some squares are marked with letters. For each letter in alphabetical order, determine how many of the nine squares bordering the lettered square, including the square itself, are used in the loop. Enter these digits in alphabetical order by letter.

Highlight to see answer: 648583


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5 Responses to “Puzzle 290 (Castle Wall / Masyu)”

  1. Bryce Herdt Says:

    Nice theme, with symmetrical colors and antisymmetrical clue types. But unless I messed up, it seems the current first digit in the answer key is one low.

  2. MellowMelon Says:

    Point taken. Fixed.

  3. Georgi Says:

    Beautiful arrangement and fun to solve, although I did miss a couple of the break-in’s so it took a bit longer than it should’ve.

    By the way, how does the difficulty of the practice puzzles compare to the ones in the test?

  4. Ours brun Says:

    Palmer said a few puzzles back (#282) that the examples were, globally, “a bit harder than the babies and substantially easier than the adults”. I wonder what the adults will look like but no doubt they will be… Let’s say “slightly challenging”.

    This one wasn’t too hard, by the way. And beautifully designed, indeed.


  5. Steve Barge Says:

    A beautiful puzzle. Very challenging, but also extremely satisfying. Looking forward to the weekend.

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